Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trail Thoughts

On todays ride there is a rock garden with a tree right next to the line I like to take to get through this obstacle. Today, and most days, I worry about my left grip getting caught on that tree trunk as I'm trying to negotiate the rocks. So what happens is I look at the tree instead of looking where I'm going to run right into the tree. It's often said when learning to mountain bike "Don't look at the obstacles look instead up the trail to where you want to go." On today's ride I got to thinking about this nugget of wisdom.

Isn't this the perfect metaphor to life? If you keep looking at all the obstacles in your way there is no way you can also keep your eyes on the prize/goal. Don't look at the obstacles keeping you from doing what you want to complete, instead look down the road. Look at the person you are becoming.

There are many obstacles, or reasons, why I shouldn't race bikes. Such as, I look silly in a full team kit, it's hard, I won't win, I don't know anyone, I might get hurt, it takes away from family time, I'm tired, and on and on. But I'm choosing not to look at the obstacles, I'm choosing to look at the finished product. When I line up at the start line people most likely see an overweight guy in a tight form fitting kit that they are about to beat. What I need to focus more on is what I'm becoming, a strong, fit, power house with an iron will and killer instinct ..... I'm just going to say it... I'm beginning to see myself on the top step of a podium one day. That's what I'm choosing to see!


  1. I see a dude whos commitment to cycling is so much stronger than the phony racer punk who only goes to kick ass. You accomplish a lot more personal goals than the sandbagger who wins every race.

    1. Thanks Paul, I needed that today! I may see you Sunday to take pictures.

    2. cool, see you out there! it'll be the first "cold" winter race